This is the first year that I go Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (FIB) and it is the best party. This year, seemed that the festival was made for me, because a lot of groups who are my acting idols such as Oasis, Kings of Leon (that all concerts were canceled that day because the air and burned things ... ), The Killers, The bishops, Maximo Park, etc.. Benicàssim these days is like going to London as 80% of people who were there were English and they were all very nice!

¡ I hope to return next year!

with Alba and one of the 'Jonas Brothers'

Beach of Benicàssim

OU-EI-SIS the boss

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  1. te odio, yo queria ir algun dia al FIB pero a este paso ni fib ni fob jajajaja

  2. do you have clothes you want to sell?
    but dont want to make pesky accounts and use ebay?
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    Yours to Keeep

  3. Muchas gracias wapa!!que suerte, así que de festival!!!!
    por cierto un color d epelo precioso!bsss
    Por cierto soy DANSVOGUE

  4. el año que viene me voy contigo al festival! guapa (K)

  5. music festivals are what makes life good! xx

  6. Really cool FIB!
    I miss Spain! =)


  7. thanks :) sorry, i didn't quite understand what you meant with the second part of the comment (facebook& myspace) :( ? xx

  8. It's simple with html! You find where you can 'Add HTML' to the sidebar, and here you can use my codes if you want, just change the facebook and myspace adress and take out the little stars (*) :
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  9. Looks like fun!


  10. Yo estuve sabado y domingo y vine muerta pero me encanto, tb hice una entrada aunq no subi las fotos aun!

  11. jojo mira k e he hecho noe!

    loffuiu. te kier pronto en barna